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Soundfish is a popular website where independent artists can release music for streaming and sell merchandise.

Wynter and her brothers start recording songs together through 2013 and are releasing them via Soundfish by February 2014 when Wynter moves home (03 Rhythm and Rhyme). That month they earn a total of $14 from a few hundred downloads a day, up from $2.91 and 70 cents in the two preceeding months. This logarithmic growth leads to an extrapolation of earning $150 million by December, a projection that does not eventuate. Caleb makes Jesse start a spreadsheet to allocate all earnings, with 50% split between their band Rule212, and 50% split between the songwriters (mostly Indio and Wynter).

In March 2014 a record producer buys two of their demos he heard on Soundfish, Heard It All Before and Never (04 Lost Melodies). The songs are recorded by Calhuun a few months later. In March the band makes $63 from 10,000 streams. They make $800 in May. Their June income is enough to buy a new "high-efficiency" front loader washing machine.

In trying to learn more about Indio, his girlfriend Claire finds his songs on Soundfish and analyzes his lyrics, to his dismay (04 Lost Melodies). Jesse tells Miriam to listen to their music on Soundfish, and Wynter asks Shelley Lysterfield to do the same in September 2014, in the hope of catching her attention as a promoter for Rule212 (05 Distortion). Luke admits to Wynter that he "used to" listen to their songs on Soundfish (06 Natural Harmonics). In May 2015, Kim Metez hears the band's song All the Way on Soundfish, leading to Wynter recording the song in LA with Brodie Ingles.

Xay Morant puts his demo, recorded with Scott at the Tiger Mountain house in January 2016, on Soundfish. His manager Dax later makes him take it down.