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The Clockwork Toys is Wynter's eighth-grade rock band with punk overtones, formed in March 2013 after Indio challenges her to put together a band in order to fit in at school (02 Out of Tune). She sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, and is the band leader. Hunter is on lead guitar, Ethan is on bass, and Arthur (a seventh grader) is on drums.

Athough she doesn't explain it at the time, Wynter names the band the Clockwork Toys because of the wind-up toys Xay and Roman used to battle at the ashram. Hunter's suggestions for their name are Tweeze, Funky Fungus, and Fungus Funk.

The band plays covers from Linkin Park, Blink-182, and My Chemical Romance, among others. On a community outreach visit to a retirement home they entertain the old folks, including Doris, with I Want to Hold Your Hand.

The band is selected to perform at the middle school graduation ceremony (June 2013) and plays Joan Jett's I Love Rock N' Roll, which had been forbidden by Ms Driscoll the music teacher as being "too sexual". They play three more songs including Green Day's When I Come Around as a finale. The band then breaks up.

The Clockwork Toys appears in 02 Out of Tune.