The Light is a religious organization with a mishmash of New Age and Eastern beliefs. Its history began in the 1970s when an American calling himself Abner began distributing newsletters to subscribers through the mail. He toured the world on a journey of self-discovery and eventually joined an off-the-grid commune in south-eastern Arizona (near Touchstone Pass) where he spread his teachings and became their guru for several years before moving overseas.

The commune houses the temple of the Light, where devotees come to live for short or longer periods of time.

The Light's teachings revolve around the idea of finding a better path to God, and taking notice of the roadblocks and other signs the Universe may put in one's path. Reflections are sessions where devotees are required to confess their shortcomings, and Intentions are the way devotees can commit to putting themselves back on the right path.

While the Light is a registered tax-exempt religion, it also runs for-profit retreats and stores (or regional offices) in order to reach the general public. These outreach efforts are not explicitly linked to the Light.

Beginning in 2014, the FBI is investigating the Light for money laundering and other financial irregularities.

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