The Mail Order Chicks is an all-girl band that Wynter and Maggie put together in the summer of 2014. Indio first suggests the idea while she's in London in July. Maggie is very keen and recruits keyboardist Eliza, a senior from Wynter's music class. Wynter asks Meisa, one of her guitar students who has played bass before, to join as bassist. The band rehearses in the basement at the Tiger Mountain house.

The girls decide on a name after googling existing band names containing the word "chicks", and coming upon a website for mail order chicks. Wynter appoints herself band leader. They play mostly 80s and 90s British pop such as Bananarama, Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics, and Duran Duran.

After overhearing their first rehearsal, Jesse offers to play drums until they find a drummer. After his second rehearsal the girls ask him to join.

The band's first gig is Eliza's brother Lachlan's 15th birthday party. Their second gig is an 80s-themed wedding anniversary party for the parents of one of Jesse's friends.

Once classes start again, the band goes on hiatus so Eliza and Wynter can concentrate on their studies. After Christmas they regroup, but Meisa quits. Indio fills in for their March Madness Dance audition in January where they play Venus, Don’t Leave Me This Way, and Funkytown. They play the gig at the end of March, and a few weeks later Maggie is poached by local band Riff N Ruff, leading to the demise of the Mail Order Chicks.

The Mail Order Chicks appear in 05 Distortion, 06 Natural Harmonics, and 07 Duet.

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