Wynter Wild Wiki

The tower is a whimsical addition to the farmhouse on Tiger Mountain that Caleb buys in March 2014. This feature is what attracts Wynter to the property because she knows Jesse will love it, but it's in such poor condition that Caleb wants to demolish it (04 Lost Melodies).

The tower has an octagonal structure 20 feet in diameter, with three stories connected via a spiral staircase through the center, narrow windows, a conical roof, red brick on the lower levels and a rendered top story with Tudor-style black timber beams. It is accessed from the first and second floors of the main house.

Wynter and Jesse decorate the tower as a medieval castle with church pews, an altar, and cast iron accents. The ground floor becomes the study for Caleb, Jesse, and Wynter. The middle floor becomes the library and gaming den with bookcases and a pool table, and the top floor becomes Jesse's bedroom.

Rule212 records two acoustic songs in the gaming den, with Scott's help.