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House on Tiger Mountain, as it appears in 2016 (two years after moving in)

The house on Tiger Mountain is an old farmhouse on 5 acres of land, backing onto the forested state park. Caleb buys the house in February 2014 after Harry unexpectedly gives him $50,000 for a downpayment from the sale of his tiny house in Everett (03 Rhythm and Rhyme). They move in the following month (04 Lost Melodies).

Wynter persuades him to buy the rundown property because of the three-story octagonal stone tower attached to one side, which she knows Jesse will love. Out the back is a long modern extension. Jesse says the entire thing "looks like someone high on crack smashed together a bunch of different buildings".

Caleb spends thousands of hours renovating and repairing the house over the next two years, including pulling out and replacing the 50s yellow kitchen, insulating the tower, and finishing the basement - turning it into a rehearsal room and recording studio with a den and kitchenette. Jesse and Wynter furnish the tower like a medieval castle, with the ground floor becoming a study, the second floor a gaming den and library, and the third floor Jesse's bedroom.

The main house has an open-plan first floor and utilities room, and three bedrooms upstairs. Wynter takes the master bedroom, while Caleb takes the next biggest room and shares the "boys' bathroom" with Jesse.

Indio accepts Caleb's invitation to move home after he returns from London in the summer of 2014 (05 Distortion). He lives in the back extension, which has its own bathroom and two bedrooms (one of which he converts into a design studio), along with a family room and steps to the basement.

Outside, the house has a large deck. Caleb and Indio build a dry-stone wall to make a garden (07 Duet) surrounding a gazebo and firepit. This area becomes known as Wynter's garden, and also has a small orchard and a "Zen garden". Wynter has a vegetable patch in the backyard, along with a goat pen and chicken coop. There are multiple outbuildings including a workshed.

The property suffers a serious fire in February 2016 (10 The Beat Goes On).