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Tina Campbell is the King County social worker assigned as Wynter's caseworker. She is middle-aged with frizzy gray hair. Given Wynter's isolated and possibly violent background, Tina puts Wynter into the care of Dr Rosamund Meyers, a psychologist in another county. Although at first she encourages Joy to seek custody, she quickly becomes convinced Wynter is better off in foster care and seems determined not to allow Caleb to get custody.

Jesse calls her a "Type One" social worker:

"The first type finds fault in everything from a smudge on your shirt to a speck of mold in the shower. The second type wouldn’t blink at a black eye on a twelve-year-old as long as his obviously inebriated father swears the stupid kid walked into a door."

Tina appears in 01 Little Sister Song and 02 Out of Tune. Wynter's next caseworker is Svetlana.