Anže Turk, called Turk by his friends, is Indio's best friend and roomate. He is a biochem major at Portland State university (having transferred from Ohio) and the lead guitarist of Blunderbelly. He has three older sisters: Lia, Klementine, and an unnamed third. His has a Slovenian father and a Scottish mother and his family lives in Columbus, Ohio.

In early 2013 Turk is dating Piper. The relationship ends after Indio and Piper have a drug-induced liaison in January (01 Little Sister Song). In 2014 he is dating Sally, who moves into the apartment some time before Indio moves out to go to London (04 Lost Melodies). The relationship ends shortly before September 2015 (08 Minor Key).

His girlfriends include Piper and Sally.

Turk has two cats, Led and Zeppelin.

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