Wynter Wild is one of four regular point-of-view characters in the Wynter Wild series, introduced in Little Sister Song (Book 1). She was born at an isolated ashram, the temple of the Light, near Touchstone Pass in south-eastern Arizona, on May 8th, 1998 to Miriam Wild. She grew up believing her father was Malcolm. Her older half-sister Joy helped raise her. Her mother left for Thailand when she was ten. She escaped the ashram with Joy when she was 14, and after a stint in foster care ends up in the care of her older half-brother Caleb Fairn. Her other half-brothers are Indio and Jesse.

Wynter is a talented musician who learned guitar and piano at the ashram, where she played religious songs. However, she prefers rock music, which she learned about from listening to a secret radio with her friends at the ashram, Xay Morant and Roman Lear. She forms the indie rock band Rule212 with her brothers in April 2014.

Since leaving the ashram Wynter has had trouble adjusting to the outside world, particularly in communicating with her peers. She has no close girl friends at school but plays in three bands: the Clockwork Toys, Crunch, and the Mail Order Chicks. Her first kiss on the outside is with Luke Casiano. Her first boyfriend is Eric, who she dates in mid-2014 at age 16. Other relationships and romantic dates include Beck from Crunch, Scott, and Gideon.

Wynter grows vegetables and keeps chickens and goats. She and Jesse are learning to cook.

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