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Xavier Morant, known as Xay (pron. zay), is a friend of Wynter's from the Light ashram in Arizona. They met in May 2011, shortly after he arrived there from Australia with his mother Ember Morant and his childhood friend Roman Lear, when the boys had just turned 16.

Xay was born in California while Ember was studying there, and moved back to Australia as an infant. He has dual American and Australian citizenship. He was never told who his father was. His maternal grandmother told him he's one-sixteenth Aboriginal. He had a carefree childhood in Byron Bay NSW, where his and Roman's mothers were heavily involved with the Light retreat. The boys spent vacations in Brisbane with Roman's father Anthony Lear. They enjoyed surfing and hated school.

Xay has an extroverted, laid-back personality but became morose and angry from his time spent at the ashram. He and Ember were told to leave in July 2012. They moved to Las Vegas, and ended up in Sacramento CA where Xay finished high school.

At the end of 2014 he is working in a warehouse, studying Geomatics at community college, and singing in his cover band Dire Dunnies (07 Duet). His mother dies in January 2015 and on the way to her funeral he finds a puppy, Cranberry. On his 20th birthday he meets Roxy and they begin dating.

In March 2015 he learns Wynter is living in Seattle, playing in a band. Two months later he meets Harry, reunites with Wynter, and meets his half-brothers (08 Minor Key). In July he moves in with Roxy, but her ideas for their future don't mesh with his and they break up in October (09 Broken Strings). He moves to Washington, squats in a beach house for a while, and ends up living in Egor Chekhov's spare room in return for doing odd jobs. He gets a job in a pizza restaurant and joins a community theater putting on a musical.

In December he and Wynter begin a relationship, which continues through the new year (10 The Beat Goes On).

His personality type is ESFP.